18 Frames / sec.

Take a trip in a VW Bulli. Travel with the boys and their Super 8 camera. Have a look at old German marketplaces - in small format pictures.

Andreas has lost his grandpa. And found his old Super 8 camera. He starts a trip across Germany in a clapped out VW bus. The camera becomes his companion. And then there is the young man he meets by chance who doesn't want to reveal his name. They travel together from place to place, filming people and developing their Super 8 strips in the vehicle. In the evening, they head to the marketplaces to show what they discovered during the day. A film about friendship, the search for oneself, whirring cameras, rattling projectors and the feeling of doing just the right thing. A film which shows that one can become content.

A crew of six young filmmakers and two actors started out on a trip with a budget of only 9,000 euros without knowing exactly where and how it would end. The result is the roadmovie „18 Frames/Sec“, which features many self-developed Super 8 sequences.

Tobias Greber, Christoph Böske: 18 Frames/Sec, DVD, shot on Sony XD Cam and Nizo Super 8, 104 minutes; Extras: all the original Super 8 scenes (20 min), Making Of, English subtitles, maker's audio commentary, ISBN 978-3-938619-02-5

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