Filming in Super-8 or 16mm? Then you should read smallformat!

For 60 years, "schmalfilm" magazine has been published in German. From 2005-2008 it has been published in English and it was called smallformat. Take a look: It´s got everything you want to know about the international Super-8 scene, new products, tips for better filming, tests, labs, film material, the history of camera brands, a collector´s marketplace, and portraits of interesting groups and films - worldwide. And it´s got stories on cameras, projectors, splicers, and covers details about every format: Super-8, Single-8, 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm.

Here are the topics:

small format 6/2008

  • TOUCH Spurgeon James tries an Ultra 16mm production
  • SEEING BRILLIANCE J. Guilbert explains his documentary about "The Art of Hosting"
  • THE PERPETUAL FAIRY TALE G. McLeod & D. King constructing arches for their new movie
  • THE BIOCHEMICAL BASIS OF DEPRESSION - A concept for a brainy movie
  • OVER THE SWALE -A film by Brian Pearce - 50 years in the making
  • MAKING CANON'S NIGHT OWL AIRWORTHY Rebuilding the Canon 310 XL for Ektachrome 64T
  • OUT OF THE BOX (15) The final curtain - K. Wilton & J. Clancy are setting up a home cinema
  • EYE TO EYE WITH THE STARS R. Vedrilla visits the Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show
  • MIRACLE WEAPON WITH EARS - T. Kohyama shows a strange Single 8 camera: It´s a Sony...
  • 100 YEARS OF COLOR FILM (2) Gert Koshofer spans a colourful arc of images
  • SHOOTING FOR THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR The work of videomakers will be lost
  • MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE James Grahame explores the timeless beauty of Super 8
  • HEAVY-HEARTED Readers react to the end of smallformat - on five pages
  • STRANGE "SOUND" CAMERAS Eric Archer drills holes into 8mm cameras...

small format 5/2008

  • LIKE NO OTHER Fuji Velvia inside the Wittnerchrome V50D Super 8 cartridge
  • HUNGARIAN MEMORY RESCUE TEAM P. Rózsa and his 7th Szeged Super 8mm Festival
  • BLACK & WHITE IN ITALY Victor Anton chats with festival organizer Graziano Staino
  • EXCEPTIONALLY STRAIGHT Jürgen Lossau visits the straight8 screening in Berlin
  • STRATEGY OF TRAGEDY Film brings a whimsical music video to life, says L. Montemayor
  • SKATERS IN SLOW MOTION Janne Pulkkila worked with a 16mm high speed camera
  • "I WANT TO BE UNIQUE IN THE INDUSTRY" Porn shooter loves Super 8 cameras...
  • HD TRANSFER OF SUPER 8 FILM - the technical background and image possibilities
  • MY DIGITAL ADDICTION - essential computer software for film post-production
  • THE FAMOUS P-SERIES R. Vedrilla knows all about the Bauer 16mm projector models
  • 100 YEARS OF COLOR FILM Gert Koshofer casts a colourful arc of images
  • ALTERNATIVE CINEMA A conversation about the underground film scene
  • OUT OF THE BOX (14) Synchronized sound

small format 4/2008

  • NO USE - P. Evans from Ireland about a different visual approach to his Super 8 skate videos
  • SIXTEEN BRIGHT NIGHTS Elias Djemil from Canada describes "one hell of an experience"
  • THE CHAPEL WALL Pelle Koornstra was filming with his Nizo in Belgium
  • SUPER 8 IN SINGAPORE A little Asian company works with Super 8.
  • GILES ON SUPER 8 An interview with Giles Perkins, the man behind
  • CANON STRIPTEASE Michael Wirthig from Austria stripped his 1014 XL-S.
  • A REAL FIND Con Koutsomitis from Australia is exploring the Canon 1014XL-S
  • SALVAGING SAVONAROLA - N. Coombs from Great Britain had to rescue a Super 8 short
  • FRENCH ELEGANCE The history of the Beaulieu R16 series, revealed by Dr. Hoefer (part 2)
  • A MOUSE AMONG ELEPHANTS - J. Lossau takes a look at Gakken´s S8/N8 projector
  • IT´S THE CLUTCH Terry Mester presents his solution to image jitter.
  • LADY IN BLUE Hans-Lothar Wisskirchen takes a look at the Pentaflex 8 from the former GDR
  • A MIRACLE OF COLOR AND SOUND The documentary "Shikashika" - a colourful trip to Peru.
  • OUT OF THE BOX - Comedy classics - another episode in the history of the package movies

small format 3/2008

  • THE BEATLES - at a London photo dealer watching their first 8mm movie
  • SUMMER IS HERE - and it offers perfect footage for everybody
  • SUPER 8 DAY IN AUSTRALIA Rodney Bourke about some events down under
  • THE CRAZY WEDDING Unbelievable - Fabrizio Mosca shoots his own marriage on 16mm
  • THERE MAY BE PLEASURE A diary for Christopher Wallace´s short film
  • TO THE MAX Jürgen Lossau talked with filmmaker Max Sacker about his way up
  • FRENCH ELEGANCE The history of the Beaulieu R16 series
  • RISKING A FEATURE FILM Kivmars Bowling discusses his debut, "Donovan Slacks"
  • ALL YOU NEED IS 8MM Is that what the Beatles said?
  • TESTING - ONE, TWO... - Interesting microphone facts, collected by Oliver Kochs
  • WHERE FILM GOES ELECTRONIC Jürgen Lossau visited British transfer wizards Cintel
  • NO GRAIN - NO PAIN - Oliver Kochs tests Kodaks´s new Vision3 negative film 500T
  • THINK BIG Super-8 enlarged for 35mm cinema projection? D. Henríquez-Illic says "yes"
  • OUT OF THE BOX - The history of the package movie: Piccolo Film, Büscher and UFA.

small format 2/2008

  • A NEW SINGLE 8 CAMERA? And other news
  • CAMBRIDGE COMES INTO FASHION J. Lossau visited the film festival near London
  • INGENIOUS DESIGN Instructions, brochures, posters and packaging of the last 60 years
  • TRAVELLING WITH KODAK´S LATEST A trip to Albania - with a Kinor movie camera
  • BUILDING WITH LUKAS L. Fritz (14) from Germany has already built an E6 proc. machine
  • PROCESSING MADE EASY Clever service from European´s largest film lab, Andec in Berlin
  • CREATING MAGIC WITH SUPER 8 Talked to the mistress of cinematic poetry, Dagie Brundert.
  • DAVID, KING OF ISRAEL About a Super 8 look into the Iranian Jewish community
  • WATER WORLD Con Koutsomitis describes underwater filming with easy-to-use cameras
  • SPEED CHECKER Determine if your camera or projector is running to slow or fast
  • OUT OF THE BOX The history of the package movie: Globus Film, Film Office & Mirage Films

small format 1/2008

  • KODAK REMAINS ON THE BALL About the yellow giant in the present and in the future
  • NEW PROJECTOR from Japan - with hand crank
  • CRAZY SWISS COWBOYS "High noon" when the telephone is ringing...
  • STARS AND THEIR MOVIE CAMERAS A photo story about people that loved to shoot on film
  • THE LOW LIGHT SPECIALIST R. Vedrilla is shooting with Kodak's modern Tri-X 7266 b & w
  • OUT OF THE BOX (10) The history of the package movie: Cinemascope releases
  • CINEMA IN MINITURE John Clancy about a former dining room...
  • MARRIED TO THE ZC1000 I. Benedeti loves this one and only Single-8 system movie camera
  • 16MM HOME-BREW Richardson N. Leao guides you to make your own film stock
  • TASTY POPSICLE J. Lossau about J. Aguirre, a student who has shot his first short on Super 8
  • THE HORROR EXPERT Interview with J. Wedding about his projects in Super 8 and 16mm
  • PROJECTORS ON PAPER Claus Kroenke reveals secret Super 8 designs

small format 6/2007

  • RETURN OF A LEGEND The Beaulieu Pro8mm Classic spent a week on the test bench
  • 3 MONTHS FOR 3 MINUTES C. Dewar from Cambridge (UK) abouthis animated film
  • HAND PROCESSING - Ken Paul Rosenthal on drugs that make a film look better
  • A DATE WITH CINEMATIC HISTORY R. Vedrilla looks into M. Romboy´s private cinema
  • OUT OF THE BOX (9) The history of the package movie: Universal8 and Marketing Films
  • CELEBRATING DOUBLE 8 We ask small gauge filmmaker Ronald Vedrilla to pay tribute
  • CLEVER CARTRIDGES C. Krönke about unreleased film cassette designs
  • THE SINGLE-8 REVOLUTION I. Benedeti reveals new film stocks for the Fuji 8mm system
  • GREAT SOUND WITHOUT WIRES O. Kochs discusses radio transmitters with an expert

small format 5/2007

  • AN EXPENSIVE HOBBY? The cheapest film stocks in Single-8, Super 8 and 16mm
  • NINE OF NINETY-NINE The International NOMOS Super 8 Award 2007 in Berlin
  • SIXTY FEATURES ON SHOW Dan Lail from Georgia (USA) presents his home cinema
  • EUMIG OUTCLASSES ELMO says Paul Adsett as he shows us his private cinema
  • ONLY ON PAPER C. Krönke explores the patent offices in search of interesting cine gear
  • OUT OF THE BOX - part 8 - J. Clancy and K. Wilton examine the enigma of Ken Films (USA)
  • EYE CANDY J. Lossau reveals that wedding couples wish to see themselves on "real film"
  • "I HATE WEDDING VIDEOS" declares wedding filmmaker Damo Cross from Great Britain
  • "I WANTED MY OWN WEDDING ON SUPER 8" A talk with Paul Corver, USA
  • "FILM REMINDS YOU OF THE MOMENT" Interview with Kristen from Bliss Video Productions
  • TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC A new LED ring light for shooting stop frame animation
  • CARDIAC PACEMAKER Trying out DS-8 Ektachrome 100D - supplied by Wittner Cinetec
  • SHOOTING 8MM ABROAD Japanese filmmaker T. Kohyama meets Frenchman A. Jardon
  • SUPER 8 PORTER Canadian John Porter discusses his artful filmmaking

small format 4/2007

  • ONE LAST ROMANTIC GIFT We caught British model Kate Moss holding a Super 8 camera
  • STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL 2007 T. Bonnaud take part in a new Midsummer Super 8 event
  • REACHING FOR THE STARS How do astronomy and Super 8 go together?
  • WHAT´S GOING ON IN BURBANK? Anne Goltz visited pro8mm
  • SALVAGING MEMORIES James Grahame chatted with the founder of Film Rescue Int.
  • FIXING THE ELMO GS1200´S FATAL FLAW Italian author U. Grassi knows how to do it
  • OUT OF THE BOX A final look at three more companies from the UK
  • A LADY WITHOUT EQUAL H.-L. Wisskirchen unveils the Nordmende CCS film recorder
  • SUPER 8 IS SUPER! -part 8- Dr. C.-H. Hoefer´s basic course, this time: camera mechanics
  • BEHIND THE GREAT WALL E. Umut found many interesting 16mm & 35mm cameras in China
  • FILMING IS FUN Still frames of different film stocks
  • IT´S ALL IN THE FRAME N. Rodriguez, discusses the resolution of Super 16 and 35mm film
  • SILENCE IS GOLDEN British author Giles Perkins about a comedy on Super 8
  • THE LITTLE QUEENS Legends and truths of the Bolex 16mm line

small format 3/2007

  • WOULDN'T IT BE NICE Charlie Chaplin´s movie camera is on the auction block
  • CAPTURING SOUND ON HARD DISC Modern audio recorders for film applications
  • SUPER 8 COMMERCIALS Director Jeremy Smith loves the romantic look of small format film
  • CASES FULL OF LIGHT Wilfried Strauss introduces 20 light sets for small-gauge filmmakers
  • ORCHESTRATING LIGHT TV cameraman Ulrich Vielmuth gives tips and tricks
  • WHERE HAVE ALL THE COLORS GONE? R. Vedrilla investigates film dyes and their durability
  • TRANSFORMING CELLULOID ON COMPUTER Dr. Hoefer uses digital techniques
  • INKJET PRINTED FILMS A crazy story told by Jesse England
  • 35MM SOUND PROJECTORS - MADE IN JAPAN Erkan Umut knows them all
  • SUPER 8 IS SUPER! (7) Basic course for beginners and fans, this time: adapters

small format 2/2007

  • WHAT WE NEED Jürgen Lossau asks for a little bit more quality and honesty
  • NEWS from Pro8mm, Wittner - and all the photographic trade shows in Australia
  • MUSICAL MOOD MAKERS J. Lossau about the Scopitone, the Cinebox from Italy
  • LIFE IS SCOPITONE F. Juszezak use Super 8 jukebox movies for their project
  • "WHERE IS BRIGITTE BARDOT?" Scopitone collector K.-D. Radomski is still searching
  • AN UNCONVENTIONAL FAMILY O. Kochs takes a look at Canon´s 16mm Scoopic models 20
  • THE GREAT E6 TEST smallformat compares 15 film laboratories around the world
  • WHERE HAVE ALL THE COLORS GONE? R. Vedrilla investigates film dyes and their durability
  • OUT OF THE BOX J. Clancy and K. Wilton report on the history of Derrann and Perry´s Movies
  • I AM A SUPER 8 CHILD declares Beatrice Jäggi from Switzerland
  • THE MAN WHO MADE PROJECTORS Inventor Heinz Thiele and his Zeiss Ikon Moviton
  • SUPER 8 IS SUPER! Dr. Carl-Hellmut Hoefer´s basic course for beginners and fans, part 6
  • DELETED MEMORIES? Claus Krönke examines the limited durability of CD's and DVD's

small format 1/2007

  • smallformat presents a special about film and camera manufacturers from Russia.
  • FUJI COMMENTS ON THE FUTURE OF SINGLE-8 translated by Tak Kohyama
  • THE TRUTH REVEALED Claus Krönke about an old secret of the USSR
  • WE DIDN´T DO IT! The Russian factory Arsenal had nothing to do with movie cameras...
  • FINISHED! Svema film works opened closed doors for Claus Krönke
  • LENSES FROM VALDAI Claus Krönke about the home of Zenit lenses
  • APPROACHING THE ZENITH the home of the Kranogorsk 16mm cameras
  • YELLOW GIANT IN A RED LAND Kodak is the market leader in Russia
  • MOVIE CAMERAS UNDER THE BED - a Russian filmmaker who became a collector
  • UNLIKE THE REST The world´s most exclusive film club, "Svema"
  • THE PURIST´S QUEEN - about the Bolex H16
  • A BOLEX FROM MUNICH Ulrich Vielmuth about the Bolex 16 Pro News
  • SUPER 8 FILMSTOCK Henry Bohlmann completed a new list of film stocks

small format 6/2006

  • SINGLE-8 SENSATION by Jürgen Lossau, with photos of Chikage Ogi
  • 8.75MM IN THE MIDDLE KINGDOM Travelling through China - with Karsten Weber
  • WHO THE HELL IS STASI? The use of Super 8 by the former East German Secret Service
  • CARTOONS BEHIND BARS H. Savini encourages young offenders to become filmmakers
  • MUSEUM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACTION In the footsteps of film legends at Lone Pine
  • SUPER 16 REVOLUTION Have a look at the brand new Aaton Xterà
  • THE OLD BABIES B. Violet visits French projector specialists Buisse & Botazzi
  • BETTER IMAGES THROUGH FILTERS How to work with lens attachments
  • SUPER 8 IS SUPER! Dr. C.-H. Hoefer looks at lenses in the fifth part of this series
  • MAGICAL GREY BOXES J. Grahame visits Clive Tobin´s Telecine workshop
  • CLOSE - OR OFFENSIVELY CLOSE R. Vedrilla shows the power and effect of close-ups with examples from well known movies

small format 5/2006

  • ALL TERRAIN SUPER-8 Justin Lovell discusses his award-winning film Stuntman
  • SHORT AND WIDE - A SMART IDEA? Oliver Kochs explores various 16mm formats
  • EVALUATING VIEWERS Siegbert Fischer discerns why they excel and why they fail
  • OUT OF THE BOX Keith Wilton and John Clancy reveal the history of the package movie
  • CINEMECCANICA Frank de Neeve visits a world famous factory in Milan, Italy
  • THE BIG PICTURE James Grahame takes a brief look at home theater projection screens
  • A MAN OF DISTINCTION: ANDRÉ LIGONIE - the Frenchman and his inventions
  • REGULAR 8 FILM SUPPLY A helpful list
  • NOW I GET TO TEST Wolfgang Thuille runs three different films through his camera

small format 4/2006

  • the old babies WANTED! Jürgen Lossau about curious cameras (part 2)
  • the construction of Berlin's Potsdamer Platz square in one hour - in a timelapse movie
  • R. Vedrilla visited Dan Schwartz´s movie photograph archives
  • Keith Wilton and John Clancy tell us the history of the package movie (part 2)
  • J. Grahame about Roger Evans and his Telecine products
  • Dr. Carl-Hellmut Hoefer´s basic training for beginners and enthusiasts (part 3).
  • movie school - Ronald Vedrilla about delusions with false undertones
  • timelapse - Jürgen Lossau says goodbye to the people at the Kodak lab in Lausanne
  • power pack - Ronald Vedrilla about stability of color films
  • Jürgen Lossau shows the art of unearthing moviemaking treasures on eBay

small format 3/2006

  • clapper HARDLY DEAD, YET ALREADY REVIVED Jürgen Lossau about Single-8
  • zoom SUPER-8 PLAYGROUND Jürgen Lossau shows special toys - made in Switzerland
  • the old babies - Readers of our magazine made photos of their strange cameras
  • super-8 - Claus Krönke about a professional made Super 8 movie
  • test VIDEO ON FILM! Jürgen Lossau about a revolutionary idea from Canada
  • test A NEW 16 MM OPTION says Ronald Vedrilla about the Ektachrome 100 D
  • 16mm - Gerhard Fromm about the new Arri 416
  • 16mm - Examined by Claus Krönke: The Ikonoskop a-cam

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