In Memoriam: Kodachrome

This must-have DVD is full of unique gems for the Super 8 enthusiast. Limited edition release.



A 20-minute documentary that visits the Kodak lab in Lausanne (Switzerland) in August 2006, shortly before it closed forever. Includes moving interviews with the lab manager and his colleagues, along with a behind-the-scenes look at the last Super 8 Kodachrome lab in the world and the operation of its complex 14 bath process. In German and English. A film by Juergen Lossau and Heiko Riemann.


In 1973, Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel) composed a song about his youth. He dedicated the song to Kodachrome, because this slide film kept the colorful memories of his adolescence alive. Shortly after Kodachrome Super 8 film was withdrawn from the market – 41 years after its introduction – Juergen Lossau and Heiko Riemann produced this ode to the exceptional material: a music clip to accompany Paul Simon's song. Long live Kodachrome.

Fittingly, this tribute was shot on Kodachrome 40 Super 8 film.



An ingenious commercial that promotes Kodak Instamatic cameras and the newly introduced Super 8 format. Shot in 1965, in English. A witty montage of earlier silent and sound movies that demonstrates the challenges of shooting motion pictures and promises a better future with Kodak’s Super 8. More than 15 minutes of entertaining slapstick scenes and quick-witted comments. An extraordinary industrial film.



A unique glimpse into the past! This German Elmo commercial was shot on 16 mm and highlights the Japanese beauties and products from 1966. In addition to 8 mm, Super 8 and 16 mm projectors, it shows the production of the legendary Elmo C-300 Trifilmatic camera – the only movie camera capable of shooting 8 mm, Super 8, Single 8 and Double Super 8 material. 15 colorful minutes you won’t forget!

DVD Super 8 "In Memoriam: Kodachrome", 60 min



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