Super8 Scope

Eleven chapters on film experiments. With Super 8 only. Strange!

Who attached a Kowa 8Z anamorphic lens and compendium to a Nizo? Who built a contact printer from a Super 8 projector with additional reel arms and a lamp housing? Who blows up Super 8 onto 16mm with an archaic apparatus made from a Krasnogorsk camera? Lutz Auhage does things like that. Now he has written an illustrated book on the topic which atoll medien is pleased to offer in a limited edition of 100 copies. In eleven chapters, it covers anamorphic shooting, developing, contact and optical copying, rotoscoping, blue screen, blow ups, film scanning and editing. The 47-year-old tinkerer has created his own devices in each of these areas and presents his working machines.

Lutz Auhage: Super8 Scope, illustrated book, colour, 280 x 216 mm, 30 pages, ISBN 978-3-938619-00-1

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